You’re not the perfect Pinterest Mom. Neither am I. My house is messier than I would like, and I am still working out my perfect planner system. What I do know is that we can find creative fulfillment anyway. Having just a few things you love, and making them work for you, as opposed to always wanting to buy the latest and greatest. Bucking the perfection and consumerism trends. You’re busy. We’re all busy. Let me take care of you with simple ideas and resources.

April Creative Simplicity Journaling Kit - Emerge

Now available – April’s journaling kit. But you can use this in any month. The themes explored in this kit are emerging, visibility, and being in the creative flow. Print the journal cards on cardstock, watercolour or mixed media paper for use in art journals, planners, and scrapbooks. Comes with a bonus poster!

30 Days of Creative Simplicity at Callaloo Soup

Do you ever feel sometimes that getting creative has become too complicated? Involving a massive amount of time and supplies, not to mention money? Being creative can be really simple, and living simply can be very creative! Get in tune with your Creative Simplicity with a free 30-day challenge.

Purge & Organize Your Creative Space

Spring clean your creative space with my six-step method to not only organize your stuff, but first take stock of what you have, and then get rid of the things that are no longer serving you. This guide will help you to stay focused and on task, and lead you towards the creative space you’ve been dreaming of.

Plan your garden and really keep track this year with two printable garden planners. You’ll have lots of space for deciding what you want to plant this year, as well as a sketch area to draw it out. Plus keep track with all your gardening activities to make sure you’re doing important tasks on time.

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