10 Ways to Use Book Pages in Paper Crafts

It’s surprising to me that I am writing a blog post about book page crafts. Once upon a time I would have be totally horrified at the idea of ripping books up! Gasp! Sacrilege, I would have shouted. But the truth is many people out there actually get rid of books, and the paper is great for all kinds of projects. Much better than just taking them directly to the landfill right? Here are 10 cool ideas I’ve pinned.

10 Crafts to Make With Book Pages - Callaloo Soup

1. Partly screen bare windows with this musical sheet “curtain” from Artsy Ants. Use a circle or scalloped punch, some glue ans string, and there you go!

2. I love these layered butterflies from idemarkeriet. Punch or cut out three butterfly shapes and tie together with string. Use Google Translate to get all the instructions.

3. I have a thing for globes, and have started a collection. Now I know what I can do with any less than perfect ones I come across! Love the idea of this sheet music globe from Cutesy Crafts

4. Whip up these quick jotters for to-do lists, grocery lists, sketches, ideas and more with this DIY from Morning Creativity

5. There are so many ways to use mason jars or old jam pots! Here, Denise from I Love This & That used book pages to make a candle holder. Don;t forget to exercise caution with this kind of item.

6. More butterflies! I love them, and they are part of my brand. So I had to also include these layered butterflies from Un M en Plus. This one is purely inspiration.

7. Glittery snowflakes on a book page background make a lovely framed display for the winter season.

8. How about wrapping smaller gifts with book pages? Linda explains how she decoupaged pieces of pages to small gift boxes. Plus a link to how to make the book page bows.

9. Make a row of these book trees with the instructions from Nur Noch. You’ll need a sharp craft knife, a hardcover book, a fallen branch, and other basic craft supplies.

I did say 10 ideas! The last is one of my own. Use my large book sheets to make a vintage style advent calendar

Sneak Peek of Advent Calendar (41 of 13)If you need the no-brainer version, I even have a kit available with everything you need.


Vintage Book Page Advent Calendar Kit at Callaloo Soup Designs-1

How do you use book pages in your crafts and decor?