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5 Things You Should Purge From Your Supplies This Weekend

5 Things You Should Purge From your Craft Supplies This Weekend

It’s time to take stock of our crafting spaces! I’ve yet to meet a crafter who wasn’t also some degree of a hoarder (if this doesn’t describe you, then can we please see a photo of your craft room?). You know how it happens, you dabble in this craft or the next, or even if you only have one passion, you try many different techniques. Before you know it, your crafting space is overrun with too many things, and you have trouble finding the things you do love and use.

I’m sharing this list today to help you get rid of some stuff this weekend. Before you get started, I recommend setting up three designated areas for the stuff you no longer want

  • Things to Throw Away
  • Things to Sell
  • Things to Donate

You can use cardboard boxes and trash bags. Doing this first will help you make sure that things really do get out the door!

Okay here we go! The bullet points below are suggestions of places to start, you’ll probably find more things to toss in each category as you work.

Tools That No Longer Work

  • Broken/Dull punches
  • Dull scissors, craft knives and other cutting tools (unless you know you can get them sharpened)
  • Pens & markers that no longer write
  • Bent knitting needles or crochet hooks
  • Dirty/broken cutting mats

5 Things to Clear Out This Weekend-1

Tools you don’t use

  • One function tools you rarely use (ribbon cutter anyone?)
  • That fancy tool still in the box for over a year
  • Tools for a particular technique you never do anymore
  • Obsolete tools that have been replaced

Dried Up items

  • Glues
  • Adhesives
  • Paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Inks
  • Sealants
  • Other liquid media

Note: be sure to check which of these you can toss in the trash, and which need to be disposed off properly.

5 Things to Clear Out This Weekend-2


  • Paper scraps smaller than 6×6
  • Fabric scraps smaller than 6×6
  • Remnants of sticker sheets & embellishment packs you will never use
  • Tiny pieces of ribbon, string or twine

Note: Use the recycle bin wherever appropriate!


  • Items you bought just because
    1. It was cute or
    2. It had cute packaging
  • Any duplicates
  • Supplies for crafts you won’t do anymore
  • Craft Books / Patterns you never use
  • Unfinished projects that you know just won’t get finished

5 Things to Clear Out This Weekend-3

Now doesn’t that feel better? Keep the momentum during the week, by coming up with a plan to get all the rejects out of your house.

  • Find out when you can drop of any hazardous materials at the tip.
  • Research organisations that will take your donations.
  • Check to see when you can have a garage sale
  • If you want to sell items online, apart from heading to eBay or Etsy, search Facebook for Buy/Sell or Trade groups for craft supplies.

Want this list on a handy checklist? Click here to download!





  • Nicole Leith

    What a perfect way to start decluttering your house! This list is wonderful.

    • Thanks! I plan to get my office sorted first which will hopefully motivate me to move on to the rest of the house!

  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    Oof yes, I really need to take the time to go through these things! Maybe I can get started this weekend.

    • I’m hoping to start today as well.

  • Daria Vinning

    I just started with my closest the other day and decided I would try to sell some things on Ebay! Today, I listed my first item on there so we shall see how this process works! Thanks for sharing!

  • Reading over this list, I’m ashamed how many of these items I know are sitting my drawer right now. Will have to work on fixing that!

    • Same here! I need to follow my own advice 🙂

  • Nancy Gaines

    Hi, Francine!

    As you know, I’m busy as a bee with organizing my studio. Thanks for the continued inspiration! ♡

    • You’re welcome! I wrote this post in part to motivate me to get going on mine 🙂

  • Jenn @ HomebyJenn

    As a crafter this can be a never ending battle. I try to make sure I throw away as I go. I also have the one in and one out rule. Meaning when I bring something in, something has to go, new pair of scissor comes in, I’ll throw away that dull pair. Love the post! Thank you!

    • You’re welcome Jenn. I really need to implement this rule!

  • ccmaine

    Oh the struggle is real! Thank you for the kick in the butt to get my supplies table cleared up this weekend! I have so many of the things you listed.

    • You’re welcome! Report back on how it goes 🙂

  • In Good Taste

    It feels great to purge/organize, doesn’t it?

  • Rhi

    Yes scraps! My wife hoards scraps – they’re everywhere! help!

  • tina johnson

    This could not have come at a better time. It was my New Years Resolution to get organized and it’s February and I haven’t even started!! This may be my first project. Thanks!!

    • We’re in the same boat! Writing this post was a way to motivate myself to get started already!

  • JenniferHenry-Novich

    I have hoards of pens but I think that I’ll one day use them all haha

  • This are great tips; my mom is super into crafting & really needs to clean out her supplies… will definitely send this along!

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