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Sisters, Paper, Scissors

Welcome to the June Edition of Sisters, Paper, Scissors! This month we are talking planners, wooohooo! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you know my fairly simple approach to planning.

I started off with just one Filofax towards the end of 2013, then added a couple more as I felt the need to have things in separate places. The Filofax A5 has always been my go-to planner for monthly, weekly, and daily planning. I was addicted to DIYFish inserts and used those faithfully for a couple years.

Earlier this year I felt the need to simplify even more, and switched to using a more organic notebook for my daily pages. This started back in March

Sisters Paper Sisters - I Completely Changed My My Planner System-5

I really liked the freedom of using the notebook, and making it fit my needs for a particular day, and so now I’ve decided that I will completely switch over to Bullet Journaling. But more on that later.

In the mean time however, I acquired three more planners! A Happy Planner from MAMBI and, two more A5 Filofaxes that my sister gifted to me (after she decided to switch to Bullet Journaling – are you seeing a trend here?). Here’s my stack

Sisters, Paper, Scissors - Planner Stack

So I was faced with a bit of a dilemma (can you say First World Problem?). What was I going to do with all these planners? And then it hit me that I could assign a different use for each one and compartmentalise all my projects.

As a multipassionate creative person, I always have a ton of different projects going. I used to keep multiple projects in one planner, but each category of my creative life having it’s own planner would be perfect for the way my mind works. So from top to bottom, here are the assignments:

The red Domino is for art projects and all my creative challenges like #the100dayproject, doodling and lettering

Sisters Paper Sisters - I Completely Changed My Planning System-1

The black Metropole will be for household projects. I am always saving things from magazines or online for home improvement and decor

Sisters Paper Sisters - I Completely Changed My Planning System-3

The blue Clipbook will be for personal journaling, and things like keeping track of my reading challenges

Sisters Paper Sisters - I Completely Changed My Planning System-2

The patent pink Domino is my business binder for brainstorming and business planning, and everything related to running and growing Callaloo Soup and Printably.

Sisters Paper Sisters - I Completely Changed My Planning System-4

The grey Apex (my very first planner!!!) is now for craft projects: knitting, crochet and everything else.

Sisters Paper Sisters - I Completely Changed My Planning System-10

And finally the Mambi Happy planner will be for family life/memory journaling

Sisters Paper Sisters - I Completely Changed My Planning System-11

Phew! I honestly never thought I’d be someone who uses multiple planners, but this really clicks with me right now.

As for the Bullet Journaling, I’m pretty excited to get really started with it. For now I am using a Moleskine notebook, but I have ordered the infamous Leuchtturm 1917 to start off July.

Here are a few spreads from my notebook since April.

Sisters Paper Sisters - I Completely Changed My My Planning System-6

Sisters Paper Sisters - I Completely Changed My Planning System-7

Sisters Paper Sisters - I Completely Changed My Planning System-8

Sisters Paper Sisters - I Completely Changed My Planning System-9

The fact that I can make it be whatever I want it to be on any particular day is what I love about this system. Apart from my daily to-dos it can be used for general notes, journaling, random thoughts, memory keeping…. whatever I need at the moment. I have days where I just quickly jot a list, and other days where I write a lot, so the form and function of it flows with me, and I’m not boxed in to a specific layout.

So that’s it! Let’s see what Vernell has to share this month.

Have you ever entirely revamped your planning system?

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  • Great post on ways to use multiple planners. Impressive stack you have there lol!! Can’t wait for you to get your Leuchtturm 1917!

  • Lisa Walker

    This is something I struggle with if struggle is the right word. I sometimes want to put everything in one planner and then other times I want to have different planner asssigned for different things. I don’t have a lot of appointments and things that I need to keep track of but I just have a lot of things running around in my brain.

  • Charlotte Dugas

    Awesome way to use what you have! Dabbling in the Bullet Journal world is helping me use up my notebook hoard. I tend to favour spiral bound notebooks, but I have some Moleskine notebooks I am looking forward to using. My planner system right now involves a Mead weekly/monthly agenda that keeps track of my schedule and to-dos that I jolly up with stickers and tabs as the mood takes me (the Bullet half) and a spiral-bound notebook where I keep a log of my days (the Journal half). Again, coloured pens and pencils and stickers might make an appearance. This is a big difference from just a couple years ago when I was using a weekly agenda and just recording my schedule and to-dos in pencil, no prettifying anywhere.

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